Laura Mondo

Teaching technical topics has always been a passion of Laura’s. Her favorite part of training is watching users get excited about using the imagery to save time and money. The most memorable moment was when a user’s jaw dropped during CONNECT Assessment End User training. They could not believe that they now have access to such a valuable tool. Laura always wants the class to leave with an idea of “What’s in it for me”?

Laura graduated from Nazareth with a Master’s in Inclusive Education. Laura studied Psychology and Sociology at SUNY Brockport in her Undergrad career. Her professional career included Substitute Teaching, selling video systems, and was even a personal organizational consultant. She brings her varied experience into each classroom.

Laura lives with her kitten, Annabeth. When not traveling, she knits everything from sweaters, blankets, to socks. Laura enjoys running and has participated in a 10K, the Color Run, and yes, even completed a Zombie Run. She survived. Laura is currently working her way through T25, a high intensity cardio program. No workout is longer than 25 minutes. Laura recently started practicing Yoga and loves the restorative properties.

Laura Mondo - Technical Trainer