Courtney Dobbertin

An aspect Courtney loves about her job as a trainer is seeing the look of epiphany on the customer’s faces when they find a new way to use Pictometry’s interface to alleviate stress and be inventive for their county. Utilizing technology to solve problems in a creative and innovative way is what makes Pictometry such an awesome place to work.

Courtney graduated from Seton Hall University with a Bachelor’s degree in Environmental Studies and minors in French and Asian Studies. Her passion for environmental issues through cultural understanding is what has lead Courtney to love traveling and learning more about this planet we live on. Though her career is just starting, Courtney has had a very exciting one thus far. She has lived in DC for an internship with the Department of the Interior, has worked at Monroe County, NY’s  wastewater treatment lab facility, and has been an environmental research consultant studying bird song with Duke Farms in NJ.

If not on the road, Courtney has lots of interests she likes to explore. Some of her hobbies and interests are spending time in and around water (water-skiing, scuba diving, swimming, and just learning about the aquatic world), learning languages, and being creative from cooking to painting drink coolers.

Courtney Dobbertin - Technical Trainer