Anne Miller

Helping everyone see new and exciting ways to use what Pictometry offers is a passion for Anne. A goal is to come away from each training with a new way to use the various tools within the interface. While teaching is a passion – learning from others is just as important.

Anne has had a varied career, ranging from teaching courses at the college and university level, to designing and developing schools for children in environments not conducive to learning. Her courses have ranged from Mass Appraisal to Quantum Physics. Her specialty is understanding human brain architecture and how development shapes our lives. Anne earned her Bachelor’s degree in Organizational Management, her Master’s degree in Education and Business Administration and her Doctorate in Adult Education and Brain Design and Development.

When not traveling – Anne likes to renovate old houses, spend time with her family, and ride her AirWheel. While renovating, her motivation is her daughter Brittany, who records her every step as if she were filming a show for television.

Anne Miller - Technical Trainer