Amanda Nargi

Amanda has a passion for learning, and believes whole-heartedly in the adage, “In teaching you learn.” She enjoys the challenge of sharing her understanding of a well-loved topic, and hopes that the work she does will impact lives for the better.

The first time Amanda saw Pictometry imagery used by a 911 dispatcher, she knew she had to be a part of that team. So, when she began her carrier at Pictometry, she was excited to learn everything she could about the imagery and how it could be best used to improve the lives of others. Before she became a Technical Trainer, Amanda spent three years building and maintaining the image libraries for Pictometry customers, and held a leadership role capturing imagery for the indoor mapping project, CONNECT360. Going forward, she is eager to bring her experience to the classroom to teach as many people as she can how to use their image library to its maximum potential. Seeing how the imagery she built over the years is used every day is one of the coolest parts of her job, and she can’t wait to see more.

When not traveling, Amanda enjoys writing, exploring the City of Rochester, and spending time on the lake. Since before she was born, her family has always had German Shepherds, and she looks forward to the new challenge of training her next puppy for Search and Rescue.

Amanda Nargi - Technical Trainer