About EagleView Technologies

Welcome to EagleView's Online Learning Center!

The merger of EagleView Technologies and Pictometry International in January 2013 created a unique company with powerful technological solutions in the GIS, measurement and analytical space. The combined company has more than 50 patented technologies to provide scalable, efficient and highly accurate analytical solutions.

EagleView has specialized in automating manual processes through SaaS technology solutions for over five years. The company invented patented software that produces 3D models resulting in aerial roof and wall measurement reports that are extremely accurate and detailed. As the market leader in both the construction and insurance markets, EagleView continues to introduce innovation not only in construction and the insurance claims vertical but also in underwriting, estimating and disaster response.

Pictometry invented the technology behind aerial oblique image capture. As the market leader for over 12 years in the government space, the company also services the infrastructure and commercial industries. Providing powerful high-resolution aerial imagery and analytical tools for assessment, public safety, emergency response and overall visualization needs, Pictometry continues to offer one-of-a-kind solutions.

Now, EaglevView takes the next step and offers an Online Learning Center. Customers can now register for courses, watch training videos and access reference materials on their own schedule. In addition, Certificates of Completion are now offered to show new skills!